Email Automation Guide: How To Automate Emails?

A complete Email Automation Guide

Email automation is a process of sending emails through software without the need of a person to manually do it. Some of the examples of automated emails are the welcome email, offers and discounts, and follow-up emails. 
The system applies user’s specific data to every email sent to the user. This makes it more relevant and in turn, enhances the open rates. Best automated email campaigns are time-saving and help in communicating the intended message to the target audience.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing Automation

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Email Automation

In this article, you can learn about the most common mistakes that must be avoided while working on email automation. Whether you are a newcomer to email marketing or an experienced professional, these tips will be of great value as you learn to make your automation campaigns more and more effective.

How Does Email Automation Tool Help You Skyrocket B2B Conversion Rates?

Email Automation

Email automation is the process of sending custom and targeted emails to the right audience at the right time. The conversion rate of prospects into customers is greatly enhanced as a result. This article will explore how email automat2ion can tremendously increase B2B conversion rates. In this article, we will look at how email automation assists you in increasing the B2B conversion rate overall.