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AI Reply Management ✨

Empower your workflow with our AI Tool, which efficiently categorizes all your responses, assigns sentiments, and seamlessly transfers them to your sales team without delay.

SendEngage AI sentiment Tool


Our AI rapidly analyzes responses, identifying sentiments and assigning corresponding prospect stages. This process empowers users with efficient categorization, providing insights for informed decision-making.


With this automated process, you can focus on engaging with promising leads, while our system efficiently manages and organizes the rest, ensuring a more productive workflow.


Automate near instantaneous handoff of responses to designated external contacts, like sales representatives, by identifying interested leads as they reply to all of your connected inboxes.

AI reply management - SendEngage's Email Outreach Platform
Activity track | SendEngage's Lead generation software


All bounces and auto-replies are automatically filtered out and tracked

sentiment tracker - SendEngage


Track which replies are positive, negative and neutral and use that data to optimize messaging in your campaigns.

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Track all replies, bounces, and opens by Campaign and message variation order to optimize your approach

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Create custom schedules to define the days of the week and timetable to run your campaign

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Integrate with virtually any CRM or external system on the Zapier network.

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Managed B2B Lead Generation

To compliment our rapidly evolving AI-powered B2B lead generation platform, we we provide a fully done-for-you service that enables our clients to receive cold email leads on a daily basis without lifting a finger. This way you can stay focused on your sales and operations and leave the lead generation to us.

Managed b2b lead growth

It's time to start your lead engine!

Start compounding your pipeline today.

SendEngage Team

Diana Silbergleith

CEO | Antelope Managed Services

“SendEngage is allowing us to scale up our business with ease. Its intuitive workflow enables us to test messaging and engage with prospects within the platform.”

SendEngage Team

Margie Crespo

Marketing Manager | Valor Global

“Using SendEngage we have already been able to generate millions of dollars in pipeline and engage with dozens of prospects.”

SendEngage Team

Rob Welch

VP Channel & Partnerships | GPS Insight

“Working with the SendEngage team we’ve been able to generate dozens of qualified leads per day, giving our sales team plenty to work on!”