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The Story of SendEngage

The advancement in sales outreach technology, including B2B Sales Engagement Tools, over the past decade is truly astounding. However, with progress comes increased complexity and endless decision-making, essential for running a successful B2B outbound program.
After spearheading cold outreach for several companies and recognizing the enduring potential of this channel, our founding team resolved to drive the future of cold outreach technology.

SendEngage embodies years of experience in cold outreach, brought to life by a stellar software development team dedicated to building sales engagement tools that are not only results-driven but also a joy to work with.


SendEngage’s mission is to empower ambitious B2B companies to cut through the noise and introduce their products and services to the right people in a predictable and scalable way.

Our cold outreach tool is a testament to capitalism and the open internet, enabling seemingly disparate professionals worldwide to connect and discover mutually beneficial solutions to common problems. By making our sales engagement tools accessible to those new to cold outreach and offering world-class support, our clients can swiftly uncover and seize business opportunities they never knew existed.

SendEngage’s B2B sales engagement software enables users to create the best automated email campaigns and is adaptable to any B2B-oriented business, ensuring a sustainable flow of new warm leads for founders and salespeople to engage with daily.

Outreach Strategy

Recognizing that merely building a platform wasn’t enough, we needed to guide our clients through a complex setup, warm-up, optimization, maintenance, and scaling process. SendEngage takes pride in designing the best automated email campaigns using cutting edge Cold Outreach Tool.

While SendEngage is available as a standalone platform (and a fantastic one at that!), we encourage our clients to consider allowing us to help them devise a long-term strategy based on specific financial targets (refer to our Outbound Calculator).

The beauty of cold outreach, enhanced through email automation, lies in its cost-effectiveness. Once you’ve cracked the code for your industry, the math remains consistent, allowing you to enjoy years of residual benefit from a modest upfront investment. Let us assist you in getting there!

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