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Top 5 Outbound Lead Generation Strategies to Try in 2024

Top 5 Outbound Lead Generation Strategies to Try in 2024

Best Outbound Lead Generation Strategies - SendEngage

Marketers are concentrating on it because outbound lead generation offers so many advantages. Without question, one of the most effective ways to produce new leads is via inbound marketing. But techniques and approaches that were effective ten, even five, years ago are ineffective now. These days, value-based selling is everything, and it significantly affects the production of outbound leads.

Research has shown that 61% of the experts find outbound lead generation as their major challenging task. Since outbound prospects may not be familiar with your product or service, they might be difficult to convert via the sales funnel. Let us now check out some of the finest strategies for lead generation in 2024.

Making Cold Calls

This approach of outbound lead generation has been used for ages. Why? Because it works! While it may not be the most scalable outreach strategy, it still has much going for it, particularly when bolstered by outbound lead creation services or sales intelligence tools.

SDRs may get a lot of insight from a single cold call since it is a personal approach. They must be proficient in pitching the company’s product or outbound service and research the ideal times to contact to perform cold calling effectively. They will then create lists of specifically targeted prospects and make cold calls to those on those lists. They aim to get the prospect to agree to a meeting or demonstration. 

Multi-Channel Outreach

The fact that representatives aren’t restricted to a single channel is one of the best things about outbound lead generation. Sales representatives used to be unable to depend on website calls to action that had a high conversion rate or spend time on a prospect’s social media page. However, today’s SDRs use both of these tactics.

Reps have access to pre-targeted advertisements, email campaigns, social media connections, excellent content marketing tools, and more in place of cold calling. However, you must act quickly. Popular channels shift quickly, and the next big item will always emerge.

Social Media Marketing

Social selling, one of the best outreach lead generation techniques for business-to-business (B2B) relationships, enables sales representatives to grow their brands and establish connections with leads. 

LinkedIn is the best site for social selling since it is more business-oriented than TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Although you may develop your brand and run targeted advertisements on these other sites, LinkedIn is the greatest for outreach. 

Sales representatives use their brands to engage with and cultivate hot leads to achieve this. Adding value to prospective customers and providing material are examples of this. 

Content Sharing

Content syndication is a method of generating outbound leads via content distribution to specific leads via various channels.

The five content kinds most often distributed are case studies, infographics, blogs, info papers, and presentations. They may be shared by email or online forums, Subreddits, and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cold Approaching

Although it may be considered an old-fashioned method of generating leads for outbound sales, cold calling still offers advantages. Like a cold call, a cold approach involves connecting with your prospect, who may find it refreshing after receiving so many cold calls and emails.

Before making contact, businesses that want to employ this method should still research their prospects and have a plan for selling them. 


One essential element in digital marketing is generating outbound leads. It facilitates direct sales of your goods and services by connecting you with prospective customers. You must balance your outbound and inbound marketing methods to get the best results. The top outbound lead generation tactics that can help you grow your company in 2024 have already been provided by us. Explore SendEngage now if you’re looking for bespoke outbound lead generation solutions.