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Importance of Automated Email Warm-Up & How to Do It?

Importance of Automated Email Warm-Up & How to Do It?

Importance of Automated Email Warm-Up

In this digital era, email marketing has become a paramount tool for the businesses targeting to meet their audience’s directly and fast. But with more people using this potent medium, the field is becoming more crowded. The large number of emails that get to the inbox every day has made it difficult for any one message to command attention among the crowd.

With this saturation, the challenge that marketers have nowadays is to create attractive content. Another challenge is to ensure that emails are received by targeted customers. This is where an automated email warm-up tool reveals its importance, providing a tactical edge in the ongoing fight for attention in the digital inbox.

What is an email warm-up tool?

A warm-up tool for an email is a software or a service which systematically increases the number of emails sent from a fresh email account. And emulates that human behavior to be recognized by email service providers (ESPs). Slowly growing the number of emails by these tools helps in building trust. It also minimizes the odds of landing as a spam mail or a junk folder.

This step is a must-do if you are launching new email campaigns or have just created a new email account. Your email will be delivered to the inbox if done properly. Otherwise, it will be rerouted to the spam folder or will be blocked all together. Through email automation platforms, the representatives of companies can automate such an operation. Substantially reduce time and effort needed for the manual sending of emails.

Why is email warm-up important?

Email warm up is essential due to a variety of reasons that all together make the email marketing campaigns more effective and efficient. Here are some key reasons why email warm-up holds significant importance:

  1. Improves Deliverability: Gradually improving the reputation of your email account will increase the chance of being marked as spam. After that the recipient’s emails will be in the primary inbox instead
  2. Builds Sender Reputation: It is of great importance to have a good sender reputation with Email Service Providers (ESPs). Warm-up activities and other responsible email behavior show how to behave in such a way as to create a positive sender reputation overtime.
  3. Reduces Bounce Rate: The incremental increase of the volume of emails sent helps in close monitoring and control of email bounce rates. Thus conserving the fact that your emails are being sent to active and genuine email addresses.
  4. Enhances Engagement Rates: Emails that land into the primary inbox are more likely to be opened and interacted with. A detailed warming up process is the guarantee that your content will most likely be viewed and taken upon.

How to warm up email domain?

  • Set Up Your Email Infrastructure Properly: Set domain correctly for sending of emails otherwise sending emails might be an issue. Consequently, we will put in place SPF, DKIM, DMARC records among others.
  • Segment Your Audience: Using the list of most loyal subscribers, you can send out an exclusive invitation for the launch of the new product. This would include any contacts that have clicked on our emails or subscribed in the recent previous to your email sending.
  • Begin with Low Volume: On the first day, you possibly will make just 50 emails. And according to your list of mailing subscriber you could certainly increase them to 50 every day or every week.
  • Monitor Engagement Metrics: Keep tabs on your traffic by monitoring click-through rates, bounce rates, spam complaints etc.

How Can Help?

SendEngage is a leading email automation platform that provides an email warm-up tool. This tool helps you to get your email infrastructure ready to achieve the best performance. Moreover, our system provides additional functionalities to help you segment your audience. It send emails in a customized volume and monitor the performance metrics.

Using SendEngage’s email warm-up tool, you will greatly strengthen your sender reputation. It also secure high deliverability and engagement rates from the start of your email campaigns.

Wrapping up!

The use of an automated email warm-up tool will help you save time, effort, and resources in setting up your email campaigns for success. Moreover, do not let your emails be marked as spam or bounce before action is taken. Instead, begin the warming up of your email domain today and enjoy the difference it will bring to your email marketing efforts!