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How Does Spintax Help Your Business With Effective Cold Emailing?

How Does Spintax Help Your Business With Effective Cold Emailing?

How Does Spintax Help Your Business With Effective Cold Emailing

According to reports, only 23.9% of the cold emails get opened by users. Moreover, the average response rate of these emails is just 8.5%. Looking at these statistics, it’s clear that cold emailing is not as effective as we want. This is where Spintax comes in.

In this post, we are going to talk about how Spintax can benefit your company from a viewpoint of cold emailing effectiveness. Whether you are a startup’s founder or a representative of a large organization, understanding how to use Spintax techniques means more cold emails make really high scores.

What is Spintax?

The phrase Spintax is the short form of the word “spinning syntax.” It virtually substitutes special characters, like curly brackets and pipes, to address different text types. Thus, variations become the random element when the text is used, making the emails individual and more personalized.

For example:

{Hi|Hello|Hey}, {I’m|I am} writing to let you know about our latest product launch.

The above sentence can have multiple versions such as:

  • Hi, I’m writing to let you know about our latest product launch.
  • Hey, I am writing to let you know about our latest product launch.
  • Hello, I’m writing to let you know about our latest product launch.

Using the Spintax generator tool, you can build as many as a sentence discourse by writing numerous options in the curly brackets and dividing them with the pipes.

How does a Spintax cold email tool help your business?

Improved delivery rate:

The first and one of the most significant benefits of having the Spintax cold email tool is that it assists in a better delivery of your emails. As various email providers implement different algorithms on a continual basis, it is important to make sure that your emails are not ending up in the spam folder. Spintax is used to provide content that is different in one case and it is personalized, which significantly minimizes the chances of being marked as spam because of it.

Besides, those tweaks make your emails seem more natural as if they are being sent from a friend compared to the robotic and automated ones that most likely will be rejected by the recipients, therefore, bringing about a high open rate.

Comprehensive personalization:

One of the key email automation best practices is personalization. With Spintax, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the customization of every email. You can do it easily with Spintax by personalizing every email in a very unique way. You can alter different greetings, body parts, and even call-to-actions by just substituting your curly brackets and pipes.

Additionally some other changes will be generated such as using the recipient’s name or company through the “tokens”. This will considerably improve your emails and it will be a pleasant surprise to the receiver. The possibility to respond positively to these types of messages will increase.

Time and cost efficiency:

The Spintax cold email tool will do all the dripping and provide you with templates for each recipient and thus save your time and money that you could spend in writing out those emails. And with a little initial effort of the setup you can easily and conveniently send out hundreds or thousands of personalized emails.

In fact, the price of a Spintex program is several times lower than the remuneration of a group of email copywriters who would do the same job manually. This feature makes it attractive to business users and individuals who are trying to look for a readily available and affordable email outreach tool.

Continuous optimization:

Every time you launch an email campaign, you will get the information about what your subscribers will need and how you can improve the next campaign. Thus, Spintax makes it possible for you to consistently optimize and enhance your email content in order to achieve the best results without having to work out your content from this order.

By doing this, you will be able to track how well different variations are performing, which will help you to select the right choice and eventually lead to higher conversions of the audience.

How does help?

SendEngage is an innovative email outreach platform with a built-in Spintax feature. that enables you to easily create personalized cold emails and make them more effective. This easy and convenient interface provides you with an opportunity to set up different variations for each element of the email and track them.

But in addition, SendEngage also provides enhanced data analytics and reporting to help you know how your email campaigns work. And make such data-driven decisions for the ensuing iteration.

Wrapping up!

To sum up in a nutshell, applying spintax is a magic wand in email outreach on the cold emails. Apart from saving the time and resources, it also makes it possible to fine-tune. If necessary, improve the content of your email. Get the most out of your email campaigns through the following methods and achieve expected outcomes.