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Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Get Results in 2024

Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Get Results in 2024

Best Cold email Subject Lines - SendEngage

Your failing campaigns have an obvious reason if you’re devoting all of your creative energy to refining the content of your emails but neglecting to give your cold email subject line any attention. The subject line affects every email engagement measure your track, including open, click, conversion rates, etc. 

Doesn’t it seem like a lot for only 60 characters? You can easily compose subject lines and see a rise in open rates once you know what constitutes a good one! Studies have shown that 64% of the recipients open emails based on the subject lines. Don’t worry; this blog covers the best cold email subject lines that can help you get results in 2024. Keep reading for more!


Because we like hearing our names, they are effective! Yes, the email with your name will stand out to prospects in a sea of emails that do the same. It also makes prospects feel wonderful to see something unique to us. First name, firm name, pain points, location, professional developments, individual interests/likes, and shared connections are some ways to personalize. 

If You Share Any Connections

Utilizing a shared link might help you make your email less “cold” overall. By connecting and making the prospects feel comfortable, you get acquainted with them when you bring up their shared interest. It’s also one of the greatest methods to get their attention! Their eyes will always be drawn to anything familiar!

A person is not always necessary for a mutual relationship to exist. It could also be something that helps you and the prospect find points of agreement. For example, I could join the same LinkedIn group, have the same interests, have graduated from the same university or college, or go to the same gathering or conference. But don’t go too personal, either! 

Establishing FOMO/Urgency

As previously said, creating a feeling of urgency in your prospects will encourage them to read your email as soon as possible. You may have already lost the prospect if they opt not to open the email after reading your subject line. If they come back, your email can get lost in the mix! Planting a seed of urgency is also aided by using the FOMO concept. 

Employing Social Proof

Social proof works by taking advantage of our natural tendency to imitate other people’s behavior, building credibility and trust, and lowering barriers to making purchases—or, in this instance, reading emails. Customer testimonials, ratings and reviews, social media shares, cases, influencer recommendations, and more may all be used as forms of social proof. 

Regarding Sales

One of the best ways to acquire leads for the sales department is by cold emailing qualified prospects. You should always keep in mind to provide the prospect with value in the best cold email subject lines. The subject line of a sales cold email will determine the open rate, click-through rate, and conversions from calls to action.

You might include advice on how to increase sales for the next quarter in the subject line, or you could find out how your product helped a rival. In any case, it’s important that the potential customers recognize their worth. 

Based on Questions

Everybody is interested! We have an innate biological need to know the solution to a question. It’s true that asking intriguing questions will entice people to read your email. Investigate their objectives, problems, and obstacles before using this strategy. Next, inquire deeply about them. 


Nothing hurts more than a little laughter! Everyone enjoys a good joke, so why not use it to get them to read your email? Write attention-grabbing or humorous subject lines to draw in readers. 


If you use your imagination, you may come up with the greatest subject lines for cold emails! These best cold email subject lines might serve as inspiration for your own. Never forget that you need to stand out if you want to increase open rates.

Continue experimenting with various subject lines to find what resonates most with your prospects. Utilize SendEngage or other cold email outreach platforms to monitor the effectiveness of your subject lines.