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SendEngage is in the final stages of perfecting its advanced marketing automation tools, with a notable emphasis on our sophisticated drip email marketing feature. As we approach our official launch, we invite professionals, irrespective of their experience spectrum in email campaigns or sales outreach, to evaluate and provide feedback on our platform.

Benefits for Early Adopters:

  • Comprehensive Access: Utilize our marketing automation software and drip email campaigns functionalities at no cost until our official debut.
  • Direct Engagement: Engage directly with our founding team and lead developers. Your feedback will be instrumental in refining our platform.
  • Pricing Transparency: Stay informed with a 30-day advance notice regarding our pricing strategy ahead of the official release.

  • Influence Product Development: Your expertise can guide our product’s roadmap, ensuring it’s tailored to real-world requirements.


  • Preliminary versions may present occasional bugs.
  • While our system is robust, it may differ in functionalities from other tools you may be accustomed to.
  • Technical interruptions are rare but possible due to unforeseen system issues.

Your proficiency will be invaluable in enhancing the efficacy of SendEngage’s sales automation platform and drip email marketing features. We look forward to a collaborative journey toward digital marketing excellence.

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